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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is known as straight bankruptcy as well as liquidation (converting assets into money) and it is the most common form of bankruptcy. Most, if not all debts are discharged within months of your attorney filing a bankruptcy petition. Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code allows debtors who are in need of discharging debts within a situation of financial emergency to become free and clear of these debts and to become able to begin a fresh new financial start.

The way Chapter 7 bankruptcy works is that a trustee is assigned to collect and to sell assets and non-exempt property to distribute the proceeds from these items to pay off creditors. In Chapter 7 the debtor receives a discharge from all dischargeable debts. These debts may include child support, most taxes and student loans under the filing of chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code gives debtors the opportunity to repay some or all of the debts that are in their name, in better terms, lower or no interest. Debtors have the ability to use income they have in the future to pay off creditors.

A time frame of 5 years is allotted for debtors to be able to pay of their creditors in full. Your attorney will safeguard your interests, while the entire process is carried out under court supervision. A new interest free plan is approved by the court, which allows debtors to repay their creditors and still retain all of their property, unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A list of transactions and time duration is created for this process. Thirty to forty-five days after the case has started, payments must begin to be made.

To know if Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the right choice for your financial interests, you will first need to fill out an evaluation form as with all Chapters of Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy

Insolvency of companies can brought about by huge debts, mismanagement and current economic trends. This is the underlying rationale for applying for business bankruptcy.

Business bankruptcy is a process by which businesses are given the chance under the federal court to get rid of debts or to repay debts under the protection of the bankruptcy court. A declaration of bankruptcy simply means that the business is incapable of paying his creditors.

A business declaring bankruptcy may opt for the chapter 7 where unsecured debts are removed or abolished to give the business a chance to start anew and to start the financial recovery. Chapter 13 on the other hand, provides a plan to pay secured debts.

Credit Card Debt

Before credit card debt becomes a serious problem, you need to take action as soon as possible to get back on track.

Tax Debt

With bankruptcy, liability for unpaid income taxes can be greatly reduced or even wiped out in many cases thus providing relief to debtors.


Bankruptcy is the last step in a long road of financial pressures. But there are bankruptcy alternatives that may be less painful for many.

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