Realizing Opportunities. Delivering Value

We identify promising investment prospects across diverse industries and assets. By prudently allocating capital, we aim to generate sustainable returns for our partners.

Visionary Thinking, Proven Execution

We combine insightful foresight with pragmatism to capitalize on new growth areas. Our team blends expertise with agility to implement innovative strategies successfully.

Transforming Nigeria's Real Estate Landscape

We are pioneering innovation in property development to create world-class living spaces. By leveraging global expertise and local insights, we are redefining real estate standards across Nigeria.

Diversified Assets. Sustainable Growth.

Ladsisca Investment Limited stands as a distinguished and diversified company, boldly shaping the future of Nigeria’s business landscape. Since our inception in 2006, we have steadfastly evolved to become a paramount force in Nigeria’s corporate world, recognized for our unwavering commitment to excellence and ethical conduct. Our multifaceted business portfolio spans real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and financial services, underpinned by a steadfast dedication to good corporate governance and transparency.

At Ladsisca, we believe in more than just profit; we believe in progress. Our vision is to drive economic growth, create sustainable employment opportunities, and contribute to the development of Nigeria. We embrace diversity and actively seek strategic partnerships, fostering an environment where local talent thrives and innovation flourishes.

Over 15 Years Reputation for Excellence

With a proven track record of success since 2006, we are trusted partners known for integrity. Our commitment to governance, quality, and sustainability has driven growth across business cycles.

Bespoke Solutions for Growth

We craft customized strategies tailored to each client’s investment needs and goals.

Integrity You Can Trust

We uphold exemplary governance and transparency standards across operations.

Opportunities for Progress

We identify high-potential investments to drive inclusive economic growth.

Our Service Expertise

We develop tailored strategies aligned to each client’s objectives. Our consultative approach helps identify opportunities for sustainable growth and value creation.

Investment Expertise

Secure your financial future with our expert investment team. We offer services for the purchase, holding, and disposal of shares, stocks, bonds, and other securities, including equities, treasury bills, and fixed income instruments. Rely on our rigorous analysis to identify opportunities and manage risk effectively.

Premier Real Estate Development

Experience a world of luxury with our prime real estate assets, featuring residential complexes, commercial buildings, shopping malls, and more, strategically located across major Nigerian cities. As a leading property developer, we are dedicated to creating quality living and working spaces that enrich communities.

Merchandising Expertise

Maximize your business potential with our specialized merchandising services. We excel in both buying and selling strategies, empowering you to source quality products and optimize sales to achieve your goals efficiently and profitably.

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Visionary Outlook, Prudent Approach

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